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Abigail Mason

                        Actor - Writer


SAG/Aftra actress, Abigail Mason has had leading roles with FOX/Lifetime/Hallmark and has guest-starred on Disney, FOX, HBO, Comedy Central, and NBC. She studied for years with Yale instructor, Gregory Berger Sobeck. 

She then realized that she also loved to create. She started making content. She built a popular website and hub for women and became a digital influencer with her comedy and fashion content gaining around 70,000 followers with a majority female audience. She now frequently posts about adulting, scented toilet paper, and other hot button issues that makes her mom super proud.
Legendary TV executive Fred Silverman (former CEO of NBC) took a liking to Abigail, her digital IP, and her comedic acting (often comparing her to Carol Burnett) and developed a sitcom starring her, that would be loosely based on her life, and it was pitched to ABC. This prompted Abigail to really dive into comedy more and further develop her comedic voice not just as an actor, but as a writer.
After going to college at UCLA (Film/TV), she found a great home at the world-famous Groundlings and has spent the last couple of years developing her character work and writing. She is now about to enter the writing lab and working on her SNL character reel. Her debut feature film comedy script, "Lucy Gone Wild" is garnered awards and fellowships. The script was trending on the Red List as one of the top 20 most popular feature comedy scripts and was a PAGE finalist and out of 10,000 scripts made it to the top 10.  

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