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- Recipient of the Grace Award at the 16th annual MovideGuide Awards.

- Recipient of a CAMIE award

 - Nominated for a Young Artist Award

"And Abigail Mason, who played the eldest daughter (Liddy), she has an amazing heart, she was perfect—came in and just took the role." -

"Abigail is a comedy star.." 

- Fred Silverman

- Director Michael Landon Jr. 

"Abigail is one of the best talents to come out of Michigan and we are happy to have her aboard the project." 

"'s Abigail Mason who steals the show with her performance as the 16 year old niece, Lyddie, who begged Sarah to take them in until she turns 18 and can care for the family herself. She shows great depth and range here, and ought to be leaving the small screen behind her." 

"Abigail Mason and the other children were the true stars in this film. " 

"Abigail Mason does an exceptional job as Lyddie, trying to be both mother and sister to her siblings, showing both strength and vulnerability to perfection."

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