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Projects in Development

Lucy Gone Wild
A Comedy Feature script

Lucy Gone Wild, is a low budget personal tale exploring parts of my life being a young caretaker to a disabled mom. The film also dismantles the alluring fantasies of wilderness movies. Turns out nature can be far more brutal and far less, “Eat, Pray, Love”. The script has been well received being the 11th most popular comedy script on the Red List and a PAGE finalist.

Their feedback includes, “LUCY GONE WILD is a standout script. The dialogue is fantastic and laugh-out-loud funny. Given the strength of its premise and the unexpected emotional depth bubbling beneath the well-executed comedy of Lucy's journey, I actually cried as her journey came to a close."

A caretaking millennial decides to hike the Pacific Crest Trail to find herself and turn her life around, but she'll soon discover that wearing shapewear and standing-during-commercial-breaks won't prepare her for either the trail or the work that true change demands.

Becoming Miss Santa
A Christmas Comedy Feature script

Logline: When her jovial Grandpa gets injured and can’t play Santa Claus at a party, a Christmas-hating millennial is forced to replace him and accidentally becomes a feminist icon as the first female Santa.

**Becoming Miss Santa is a Christmas dark comedy. It’s Miracle on 34th Street meets Little
Miss Sunshine.

It is actually based on my real Grandpa who I always knew as... Santa Claus. During Christmas he played “Santa” on pizza boxes and at parties, and throughout the rest of the year, he wore red clothes and suspenders. Pair that with his white hair, beard, big belly, and jovial laugh... even in
July, kids would be joyously running up to him, yelling out “it’s Santa!”
As a child, having your Grandpa be “Santa” came with an overwhelming amount of pride... but also pain. There was significant tragedy happening in our family and my Grandpa had a very hard time confronting and dealing with it, so instead he leaned into his persona as Santa to help
himself and others escape... which as it turns out, can only work for so long.

Hey Abigail 

A single camera dark comedy

Abigail previously worked with legendary TV executive Fred Silverman on a technology launch with her digital brand, Hey Abigail. Fred then wanted to develop a sitcom starring Abigail. He developed a traditional 1/2 hour sitcom. It was pitched to ABC. With Fred's blessing, Abigail has partnered with a young and established female writer to help her develop the concept and completely rework the project making it modern, authentic, and reflective of the current climate.  


Our show is...
HEY ABIGAIL. A single-camera dark comedy about an Instagram micro
influencer on the brink of thirty with a female fandom, who makes a
mathematical error at a women’s march that suddenly makes her America’s
most hated woman.

It’s the digital version of the Comeback. In The Comeback Valerie Cherish
was desperate to make a TV comeback after, “aging out” around forty.
Abigail is forced to make a comeback before turning... Thirty.
But there is no TV crew here. Instead Abigail is forced to trust Youtube’s
mega star documentarian (ALA Shane Dawson) to show her comeback
and turn her image around.

Abigail tested the premise and character (with it obviously being amped up for the stage) at the Groundlings in front of a live audience. Feel free to watch the response below. Also included is the piece rewritten and filmed to be apart of  the pitch packet. (Password: apology)

The List

The List is a 23-minute horror-comedy short film. 

Abigail stars in it and will be her writing/directorial debut. The short was shot on an FS7 as well as steadicam. 

The List has potential to be developed as a series or built out as a feature film. 

It stars:

- Adam Hagenbuch (Series regular on Fuller House)

- Steven Anthony Lawrence (Childhood Disney star for his role of Beans on Even Stevens)

- Arielle Hader (Recently had a recurring arc on Grey's Anatomy for the gender non-binary character of Toby) 

The List is picture locked but is not quite done with the original film score and is almost done with the sound mix. 

Below are a few short raw clips from the film. 

For a link to a full private screener please contact Abigail

"People Suck"

Fantasy Meets Reality

"Divine Feminine Energy"

The Dark

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